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Salinas Valley Transition Forecast

Oct 08, 2013
Salinas Iceberg lettuce october 2013We are entering the last few weeks of the lettuce deal in the Salinas valley, and supplies are extremely light. It appears as though this will be the case through the remainder of the season. The next district we will be moving to is Huron, and many shippers have opted to plant short, due to the lack of water in the San Joaquin valley. Due to this, try and hang on in Salinas a little longer, or start Yuma early. We don't like to cry wolf, but all of these factors add up to supply and quality issues with extremely high FOB's potentially lasting into mid to late November. This situation could escalate easily with a few early storms. 

Leaf lettuce, spinach, spring mix, broccoli and cauliflower may also be affected to a degree, with some potential supply issues.

As you know, when FOB's reach a certain point there are consequential price increases on processed items, with some prorating or substituting of other items when possible. We may expect this to happen.

Keep these issues in mind as you move forward into October and November. A few commodities are already extremely limited- broccoli and lettuce- and we foresee more coming. So, plan ahead, update your customers, and keep your fingers crossed that we're wrong!!


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  1. Eva | Oct 11, 2013
    Great info! Thank you!

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