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Citrus 101

Nov 14, 2013
Well, it's cold and flu season, so folks around the office are more than likely tipping back DayQuil like it's water. And those who aren't already infected are probably wolfing down vitamin C like it's their job.

Today we want to explore one of the most popular sources of vitamin C there is- citrus!

It's Nutritious!

Beyond just being extremely high in vitamin C, citrus also contains potassium, calcium, folate, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Prior to flu season, it's always good to help prepare your immune system by getting your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. 

It Can Help Aid in Weight Management!

A medium size navel orange only averages about 80 calories, while half of a grapefruit contains only 70. Generally, citrus packs a nutritious punch and is extremely nutrient dense with no fat, sodium, or cholesterol!

It's Good For You, Now What Else Should I Know?

When shopping for citrus for fresh consumption, make sure to tell your customers that the outside color of the orange does not always indicate the eating qualities such as sweet, sour, new, or old.

Instead, different weather patterns determine the color and sugar of citrus fruits. Many consumers mistakenly associate the exterior color of the citrus with the ripeness of the fruit. This is not the case! Instead, warm temperatures cause the exterior of the citrus to become (or even stay) green. This is called chlorophyll (the substance that causes plants to stay green) which affects the peel of the citrus fruit. Chlorophyll does NOT affect the interior of citrus. Depending on the variety and growing region, some citrus is actually fully ripened when the exterior is green!

Have any more questions about citrus fruit? Make sure to contact our Fresno Amerifresh sales office.

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