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Thanksgiving: 5 Consumer Grocery Tips for a Flavorful Feast

Nov 21, 2013
Thanksgiving produce tipsThanksgiving is right around the corner, and many grocers are scrambling to stock their aisles with holiday goods in preparation for the busiest grocery shopping day of the year- the fourth Wednesday of November! The good news is Amerifresh is here to help you not only prepare your store, but your customers, for their holiday shopping.

Here are some shopping tips to pass on to your customers:

  1. Don’t put off grocery shopping until the last minute. When you wait until the last hour before your Thanksgiving meal, you are compromising the quality and freshness of your produce. By heading to the store on Monday or Tuesday, you have a better selection of fresh produce for your family meal.
  2. To leave a lasting impression, use authentic Garnet yams rather than the cream colored Jewel varieties or sweet potatoes. Garnet yams have a purple-ish exterior and a deep orange velvety color inside. The visual appeal of this variety will have dinner guests drooling
  3. When searching for the right potato, look for ones that have a glossy luster on the skin and less dimples. This indicates that they are more hydrated.
  4. Cranberries are a staple. A good cranberry should look like an extra shiny red marble. Plump, round, and with a deep color.
  5. To make a stuffing with a ton of flavor, make sure to use deep brown skinned Spanish onions rather than a white variety.

If you’d like any more hints and tips, make sure to contact our Yakima Amerifresh branch!

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