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National Grocers Association 2014 Recap

Feb 13, 2014
This past week we made our first appearance at the National Grocers Association annual trade show. It was a valuable experience and we were so grateful for the opportunity to exhibit in the Produce Marketing Association pavilion!

Our primary reason for attending the show is that we are excited to announce the reintroduction of Snoboy fresh produce into the retail market place. 

Established in 1925, Snoboy was once a nationally recognized retail brand- as you can tell from this recovered 1955 TV commercial. After a hiatus from grocery shelves, we are now offering a new line of Snoboy retail products to independent retailers! We spent our time at the show connecting with grocers from across the country about our new line of products.

Our mission is to empower independent retailers with an established high quality brand to better compete in the marketplace. Snoboy brand fresh produce offers:
  • Maximum shelf life. Each piece is packed to order, no sitting around on cooler floors waiting to be bought!
  • Consistent levels of freshness, color, size, and flavor. Our field inspectors only accept products that meet our strict specifications.
  • Reliability. Snoboy is sourced from a wide network of grower-partners, so availability is not tied to a single grower, region, or weather patterns.
Our first item in this line is a three count romaine heart. This will be followed by sleeved celery, bagged red and green leaf, and cello wrapped iceberg lettuce. 

Overall, The NGA Show was a great experience, and we are excited about our re-entry into this market!

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