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Green Gold: What's Up With The Lime Market?

Apr 03, 2014
Lime MarketThe city of McAllen has become renowned as the produce capital for Mexican produce crossing into Texas. Last year, Amerifresh strategically opened an office in the city to partner with Mexican growers that want to deliver into the Midwest and Eastern United States. Our McAllen branch is celebrating their 1 year anniversary since the creation of the branch last April!

Robert Velasquez, sales/trader in the growing McAllen office, has been in the produce industry since 1998 and active in the lime market his entire career. Robert explains that over the last 2 years the lime market had reached lows of $6.00 per carton across all sizes. This year, Robert says, “I doubt we will see prices even under $10.00 dollars a box.” Last month the lime market saw record highs of over $100.00 per box! This is the first time in Robert’s career he seen such highs in the lime deal. 

There are two reasons why there are such high spikes in the lime market movement; weather and bacterium on the lime trees. The primary cause is weather. The lime growing regions of Mexico saw heavy rains and cold temperatures lasting longer than normal last winter. The Mexican growers in Veracruz can attest to the consequential low volume this weather has caused. The decrease in volume has created an influx of demand causing him and other growers alike to harvest whatever fruit is available on the trees, which is already smaller than normal. Picking this fruit now means that this fruit is not able to stay on the trees longer to grow/mature into a larger piece of fruit. The result means that moving into April fruit is expected to stay small. Robert also says that we should start to see more volume by the end of this week and into next week.

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