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Snoboy Produce: The Recipe for Success

May 16, 2014

For those who aren’t aware, Amerifresh is the proud owner of the nearly 90 year old Snoboy brand of fresh produce. Snoboy is one of the oldest continually packed produce brands in existence. Since it’s conception in 1925, it has been notorious for consistency, availability, and premium quality.

You may wonder how a produce brand can offer all of those advantages- often times quality will diminish when availability is poor, or any other combination. Today, we’re letting you in on our recipe for the brands' success.

We still maintain strict standards for each of the 85 foodservice items we pack (alongside our growing retail category) in Snoboy. We have developed and continue to maintain quality specifications for each item. These standards are written to ensure that only the best product makes it into the Snoboy box.

Our grower partners keep these specifications on file and know them quite well. They know that at Amerifresh we expect the quality in the field to meet or exceed our standard before it can go in a Snoboy box. We employ a team of quality assurance Associates to check the fields prior to the harvest crew’s arrival. It is their daily duty to independently qualify and select the acreage that we’ll be packing in Snoboy. If it does not meet the standard, we move on to acreage that does.

We do all of this for a number of reasons:

  1. We are striving to protect the reputation of the Snoboy brand.
  2. We have made an obligation and commitment to our customers to provide this level of quality.
  3. We believe the only way to verify quality is to have our people, resources, and talent at the field level.

As a result, we truly become our customer’s representative in the field.

So, next time you see or receive Snoboy product, rest assured that it has undergone this rigorous inspection and selection process. And, if you’ve never experienced the Snoboy difference, we highly recommend you give it a try to see what a distinction our representation in the field can make!

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