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Special Report: 2015 Kicks off with a Freeze

Jan 02, 2015
In Arizona and California, 2015 is kicking off with extremely cold weather and overnight freezes. There has been a major Arctic cold front moving in from the North and stalling over the major growing regions for the past six days, with a forecast extending out for another three. It should thaw out a bit this weekend, although it will most likely remain a bit cooler than normal. Next week it will return to slightly below average temperatures.

Due to this cold snap, supplies on almost all of the western commodities have tightened up dramatically, with quickly escalating markets. Going into this spell, planting was running slightly ahead of schedule due to warmer than normal temperatures. This resulted in crops being ahead, and combined with the current cold, will results in supplies falling off for a brief gap. 

Expect to see blister, peel, and lighter weights on most leaf items due to the frost. We have had quite a bit of visible damage thus far, and even with the return of normal weather next week, expect to be shipping mediocre product and lighter supplies for a few weeks. Expect to see the markets up and very strong for the next 10-15 days. Due to our strong network of grower partnerships, Amerifresh is able to provide you the best service during times like these. Make sure to contact the Salinas or Fresno branches for more information.

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