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Produce Facts: Turnips

Jan 21, 2016
TurnipsTurnips are root vegetables best grown in cool climates. They are a biennial plant, taking two years from germination to reproduction.

Spring varieties do not keep, but winter varieties will keep for up to two months.

It is believed that the turnip was domesticated before the 15th century BC when it was cultivated in India for its oil-bearing seeds.

Turnip lanterns are an old tradition in Ireland and Scotland. They carve the large turnips and use them as candle lanterns and place them in windows to ward off harmful spirits.

Turnip roots are high in Vitamin C.

Important Facts

  • Store from 32-34° F.
  • Good-quality turnips will be very firm and smooth-skinned. The coloring will be light-purple on the top fading to bright-white at the bottom. The larger the turnip, the more woody tasting it will be.
  • Avoid product that is soft, spongy, blemished with brown spots, cut or lightweight for its size.

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