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Produce Facts: Oranges

Feb 11, 2016
orangesOranges are probably the best known citrus fruits and are related to mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, limes and citrons. They are a hybrid between pomelo and mandarin.

Oranges are classified into two general categories; sweet and bitter. Popular sweet varieties include Valencia, Navel, Persian, and blood orange.

Valencias are best for juicing. Their skin is orange but may stay green in warmer climates. This does not affect taste.

Navels have a navel-like structure at one end of the fruit. Their thin skin is easily peeled and the fruit segments are easy to break apart. Navels are seedless and very juicy.
All oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C but also contain vitamin A and B-complex vitamins.

Arizona, where Amerifresh headquarters is located, is one of only four citrus-producing states in the nation. Texas, Florida, and southern California are the others. 

Important Facts

  • Store from 45-50° F.
  • Select oranges that are firm, well-colored and feel heavy for their size.
  • Avoid any overtly soft fruits with spots and mold as they tend to perish early.
  • Watch for russeting, the browning of the peel.

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