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Green Peas

Mar 17, 2016
Snow peasPeas appear to have been cultivated for nearly 7,000 years. The earliest archaeological finds of peas come from Neolithic Syria, Turkey and Jordan. Peas have been used in the dry form since ancient times, and archaeologists found them in Egyptian tombs.It was not until the 16th century that more tender varieties of this vegetable were developed and eaten fresh. Today only about 5% of all peas grown are sold fresh while the rest are canned or frozen.

  • Pea plants require cool weather and can withstand freezing temperatures for short periods.
  • Snap peas, otherwise known as sugar snap peas are pod fruits and do not have a membrane and do not open when ripe. Sugar snap peas need to have the strings removed before eaten. The string runs around both sides of the pod. It is easiest to start from the bottom tip and pull the string up the front, and then snap the stem off and pull the string down.
  • Snow peas supply less protein and are lower in B vitamins than green shelled peas because they are eaten when their seeds are still immature. However, they provide almost twice the calcium.

Important Facts 

  • Store between 32-36°F and 90-98% humidity.
  • Look for pods that are firm and have glossy pods with a slightly velvety feel.
  • Pods should not be dull, yellowed, or heavily speckled.
  • Smaller pods are the sweetest and the most tender.
  • Sugar snap peas should be bright green, plump, and firm.

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