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Pluot: Plum and Apricot Hybrid

Jun 08, 2016

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Pluots and apriums, both plum and apricot hybrids, are known for their sweetness and flavor; the sugar content of these fruits is much higher than that of a plum or apricot alone.

Pluots are approximately 25% apricot and 75% plum, but they demonstrate more plum than apricot characteristics; the fruit has smooth skin closely resembling that of a plum. Apriums are complex apricot-plum hybrids that show more apricot traits and flavor.

Pluot season is early to mid-summer, but they’re often available through October. Pluots can have whimsical names like Dapple Dandy, Dinosaur Egg, and Flavor Grenade.

A pluot has 80 calories, 19 grams of carbohydrate, 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of protein, no fat, 225 milligrams potassium and 10% daily value of vitamin C. 

The first pluot was sold in 1989. 


Important Facts

  • Pluots should be stored at 31-32°F with a relative humidity of 90%.
  • If pluots arrive unripened, store at room temperature to ripen.

  • If ripe, refrigerate immediately. Ripe pluots should be used quickly, their shelf life is short.

  • Handle carefully, pluots bruise easily.

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