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Produce Facts: Radicchio

Aug 25, 2016

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radicchioRadicchio looks like red cabbage, but it’s actually a chicory family member. It has white-veined leaves, is lightly crisp with a slightly bitter taste, and its tightly packed heads range in size from a baseball to a softball. 

It was first cultivated in Italy during the 15th century and was first grown commercially in the United States in 1981 in California.

Treviso radicchio is a milder variety of radicchio and has long, magenta leaves, creamy white veins and a delicate crinkled texture. Treviso radicchio is harvested in the morning to ensure its unique character, form and flavor is retained.

Fresh radicchio is an excellent source of vitamin K. Get more nutritional information from the USDA.

Important Facts

  • Radicchio should be stored at 32 F with a relative humidity of 90-95%.

  • Good-quality radicchio will have deep-red to purple leaves with bright-white veins.

  • The edges of the leaves will be fairly thick and crisp.

  • Avoid product that looks wilted or has leaves that are brown on the edges.

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