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The Cinderella Pumpkin

Oct 26, 2016
Cinderella Pumpkin


Fall and winter months, 60% of crop is grown on the East Coast.
Vivid red and orange with some green. More of a flattened look with deep lobes. The flesh is thick and sweet almost like a custard. (All little girls want to be Cinderella. Now, you can buy her the pumpkin that resembles her carriage.)
Keep indoors and do not place on a wooden table top or on carpet because it can cause breakdown. Another good idea is to place a cloth or cardboard between the pumpkin and the surface.

Refrigerate in a covered container or in aluminum foil, will last up to 5 days.
Cut flesh away from the outer skin and remove the seeds, cook until soft. Then mash, let cool and place in a heavy-duty freezer bag or covered container. Will last up to a year or more.
Ways to enjoy
Roasted, breads, cakes, cookies. Can even puree to make ice cream or butter. (See, there's more than just those lattes) :)
An heirloom variety from France which began in 1830 and gained popularity in the 1880s. Supposedly, the pilgrims served this form of pumpkin on the second Thanksgiving. Pumpkin types.

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