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Lettuce tell you what the Ariz. Governor just did

Nov 09, 2016

Guess what billion-dollar industry in Arizona is being recognized this month?
According to the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, November is now Leafy Greens Month. Check out the official proclamation.

In honor of the greens we love, here are a few of the unique ones:

Broccoli RabeBroccoli Rabe

When raw, it has a very bitter taste. But when cooked, the bitterness reduces and leaves a nutty, robust flavor. 

It’s meant to be cooked, so sauté it using your favorite spices or oils. Use it as a side dish to compliment any meal.

Dinosaur Kale

Commonly known as Black or Lacinato Kale, Dinosaur Kale is the heartiest of all the kale varieties.

Much like some actual dinosaurs, these greens can survive a frost.
Cold temperatures actually make the leaves sweeter and more tender.  Use it in soups, pastas or eat it raw.

Mache, also referred to as Lamb’s tongue, has a sweet and creamy flavor. 

The leaves are so delicate, that they can start to melt with incorrect harvesting. 

Due to their delicacy, they cannot be cooked so use in small salads or as an edible garnish for appetizers.


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