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French Beans

Dec 30, 2016


Availability and Origin
French Beans are available year-round, but they really peak in the summertime. The U.S. produces 60% of these beans; Illinois, New York and Oregon being the highest contributing states. The remaining 40% are produced worldwide, coming mainly from France, Mexico and Iraq. 

Appearance and Flavor
It isn't easy being green, so French Beans can also be yellow and purple. They have a mild, sweet flavor, yet have a bit of a starchy texture.

To get up to 10 days out of your beans, refrigerate them in a tightly-sealed plastic bag.

Ways to Enjoy
Raw, steamed, or sautéed - these beans are a triple threat. Check out this recipe for a great Thanksgiving side dish idea for your celebration. 

The beans are native to Central and South America, but were brought to France in the 16th century. By the 19th century, France had dubbed them as their household bean and gave them the French name Haricot Verts.

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