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Mar 06, 2017

This spiny, alien-like fruit may look tough on the outside, but the inside hides a delicate surprise. 

Availability & Origin
China and India are the main producers, but you can also find them growing in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Texas, June through September. 

Appearance & Flavor
Fresh lychees have bright red-brown shells, are an inch or two in length, are firm to the touch, and have no splits or wrinkles. The heavier they feel, the better they will taste. When you crack open its shell, you'll find a white, grape-like ball that houses a seed. The seed is not edible, but the ball holds all the flavor and sweetness. 

Refrigerated in a plastic bag, lychee will last up to ten days. Frozen in a freezer-tolerant bag or container, they will last up to three months. The texture and fragrance of your lychees may reduce after sitting in the freezer for four hours, but not to worry, they will keep their flavor. 

Ways to Enjoy
You can always eat them raw, but they're also great in salads, rice dishes, syrups, salsas, drinks, and desserts. If you've been searching for a truly imaginative dish, look no further than this scone recipe

Ever since 1100 A.D., the lychee grew in its native land of China, and eventually made its way to the western world in the late 1700's. The first lychee tree on U.S. soil bore fruit in the early 1900's.

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