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Bing Cherries

Jun 23, 2017

The best of the best-and the most harvested-for sweet, red varieties.

Availability & Origin
The window of opportunity for Bing cherries is small, so grab them while you can! Beginning in May and lasting potentially until August, weather is a huge factor in the duration of the season because wind and rain can ruin these delicate fruits. They grow in Washington, the largest producer in the U.S., California, and Oregon. 

Appearance & Flavor
When picking out Bing cherries, keep in mind that the perfect ones are smooth, juicy, and firm with tight, dark red skin. Their thin skin is likely to bruise, so be careful when handling. The flesh inside varies between shades of blush-like red and they have a deep, sweet flavor with a hint of tart. 

The most common storage technique is to freeze them, allowing them to last longer due to their limited availability. They'll last five days unwashed in a plastic bag in the fridge. 

Ways to Enjoy
Eating Bing cherries raw is always the first choice. They also make a great addition to cereal, salads, yogurt, desserts, sauces, smoothies, jams, and pies. Step up your barbeque game with this grilled cherry salsa.    

They are native to China and were first harvested around 4000 B.C. The Bing variety was also harvested in the late 1800's on a family farm in Oregon. The name came from the family's Chinese immigrant worker, Ah Bing, whom helped create the variety.

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