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Oct 12, 2017

For fruit and vegetable growers, small birds are a nuisance along all stages of the process. They eat seeds after they've been planted, eat and damage growing fruits and vegetables, and shed feathers or defecate in the fields, which can lead to contamination.

Shakers, horns, air cannons, and other noise-makers work... at first. After some time, however, birds get used to these abatement methods. You might ask yourself, what is scarier to a small bird than sudden noises? Or, what method could possibly be more reliable than those they've tried? Many growers have asked the same question. One answer has presented itself, and it stands out among the others as one of the most creative, effective, and environmentally friendly solutions. Falconry.

Utilizing the natural relationship between predator and prey, companies like Falcon Force send trained falcons out to fly over the fields and chase off the unwelcome birds. And unlike traditional abatement methods, falconry is more effective. Birds are less likely to return to an area in which their predators hunt.

The falcons don't actually hunt though, nor do they damage the crops. The feathered security guards are trained to leave the pest birds and crops unharmed, and handlers provide their food throughout the day to reward a job well done. Take a look at this video.

Duncan Family Farms, a sustainable, organic grower located in Goodyear, Arizona, is no exception to these problematic birds. Since bringing in the experts, the team has seen terrific results. Click here about their experience and to see another video.

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