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Szechuan Buttons

Dec 15, 2017

Also known as buzz buttons, they are good cross between an edible flower and a nine-volt battery.

Appearance & Flavor
Szechuan buttons are round, bright yellow buds. They have an earthy, grass-like flavor and are slightly tart. Most folks are not in it for the taste, however, but for the electric sensation. It causes a strong tingling and slight numbing effect in the mouth. The more you eat, the stronger the sensation becomes and the longer it lasts. 

Ways to Enjoy
It's the holiday season and it's time for decadence-truffles, for example, shock your family and friends with this recipe. Eating small amounts is recommended due to its powerful sensation. Cooked or raw, the effect doesn't change. Shred them for use in sauces, soups, and dressings. Or you can get creative with your buzz buttons by topping your ice cream with a few or garnish a cocktail for that added zing.

Availability & Origin 
Szechuan buttons are available year-round. They are said to be native to Brazil and Peru, but their popularity grew in the United States in and around 2000.

It's best to keep them in the clamshells they come in. In the fridge, they tend last up to 14 days. When freezing them, don't be alarmed when they darken and go slightly limp, but don't worry, they will keep their zing. Some people say the sensation intensifies after freezing.

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