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Fair Trade

Mar 02, 2018

Simply stated, fair trade is the process in which farmers and workers in developing countries are compensated fairly for their work. Fair trade certification ensures that producers work in safe conditions, protects the environment, and helps to support the producers' communities by bringing in additional funds. In order to become fair trade certified, businesses must comply with thorough ethical and environmental standards and pass various audits and inspections. 

Fair trade impacts each group in a different way:

Fair trade standards aim to keep the planet healthy for future generations. With this aim in mind, all producers are prohibited from using harmful chemicals in order to protect natural resources.

Farmers and workers with little or no legal protection receive the pay they deserve and work under safe conditions. They can rest assured knowing their families will be taken care of.

Fair trade items come with a premium on the price, and that premium is given back to the community of the product's origin. Known as the Community Development Fund, the people of the community decide how to spend it to meet their specific needs-such as improving their kids' schools, assisting with healthcare, or building parks and recreational centers.

Businesses and Suppliers
For every fair trade certified product sold, the business selling it pays an additional amount of money into the Community Development Fund, which makes a huge difference for the fair-trade communities. The companies can supply environmentally-responsible products and help producers and their families, all while attracting customers who prefer socially-conscious products.

When purchasing a fair trade certified product, the consumer gets a sustainably-sourced product of the highest quality that also aligns with their values.

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