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Collard Greens

Apr 06, 2018

Collard greens, dating back to ancient times, are the official vegetable of South Carolina as of 2011.

Appearance & Flavor
The leaves are broad and paddle-shaped. Their color can range widely along the spectrum of green. You'll see they have distinct white veins and ribs. With a strong and bitter flavor, these greens have a 'bite' to them. They are not soft like spinach; in fact, the chewier the collard, the fresher it is.

Ways to Enjoy
Wraps can be healthy! Just wrap the contents with this versatile veggie. When braised or blanched, you'll taste the flavor of collard greens at its best. When raw, they are much more bitter than when cooked, yet can bring a new dimension to salads. Another popular way to prepare collard greens is to pickle them.

Availability & Origin
These greens are available year-round, yet they are said to have the best flavor and texture between late winter and early spring. They grow all over the US, however, southern states like North and South Carolina and Mississippi have the largest concentration and the highest production.

Do not wash your collard greens until you're ready to use them since water begins the decaying process. Place them in an air-tight bag in your fridge and they'll last almost a week. Need to keep them fresh longer? Freeze them for up to 10 months of use. However, they need to be blanched. After cooking, they last for five days refrigerated in an air-tight container.

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