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Sunrise Papaya

Apr 06, 2018

This papaya variety is known as the sweetest of them all-and we have a sweet recipe in store for you below...

Appearance & Flavor
Sunrise papayas are long and pear-shaped with light green and smooth leather-like skin. Inside, each papaya has a cavity filled with inedible black seeds. The good news: these fruits allow for very easy seed removal since their cavities are not very deep. When they are ripe, the green skin turns a golden orange with small dotted specks. The flesh is firm, juicy, and is said to taste like a sweet combination of peaches and berries.

Ways to Enjoy
You'll want to keep this cool snack in mind for this summer! Is there anything that can outdo those popsicles? We don't think so, but you can still use this sweet fruit in smoothies, salads, salsas, and desserts, raw or even grilled.

Availability & Origin
Grown in the beautiful, tropical climates of Hawaii, Brazil, Jamaica, and Mexico, these papayas are available all year long.

If the papayas you brought home are not yet ripe, place them in a plastic bag at room temperature and you'll know they're ready when they turn mostly yellow. After they've ripened, you can take that plastic bag from the counter and place it in the fridge for about three days.

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