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Altaulfo Mangoes

Jul 05, 2018

The champagne of fruits. Their trademarked name is "champagne"-all champagne mangoes are ataulfos, but not all ataulfos are champagne mangoes. 

Appearance & Flavor
These golden, oval-shaped mangoes are smaller and less fibrous than the traditional mango you're familiar with. They may be tough on the outside, but their bright yellow flesh is soft, juicy, and sweet. Here are some dead giveaways so you'll know when these mangoes are not ripe: when they don't yield to slight pressure, don't give off a strong aroma, or don't show a green tinge on their skin. A few days on the counter in room temperature should do the trick. But if you're in a rush to enjoy, put them in a paper bag with an apple or a banana because it'll really speed up the ripening process. Ripe ataulfos will have slightly wrinkled skin and possibly small brown spots and little scars.

Ways to Enjoy
It's getting hot out there! Cool off with a sorbet you can make yourself. Ataulfos can do it all. Try them out in salads, salsas, jams, tarts, pancakes, muffins, and waffles. You can sauté or puree them to add flair to a dish in need of a sweet sauce.

Availability & Origin
This variety is ready to go from spring to fall. Primarily grown in Central and Southern Mexico, you can also find them growing in California and Florida in a smaller quantity.

When ripe, don't store them in the fridge-their flesh will brown and they'll lose their flavor. You can place them in the fridge both after they ripen and after they're prepared. Unprepared, they'll last a week; prepared, they should keep for about three days.

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