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Iceberg Babies

Aug 15, 2018

Inspired by the demand for pre-packaged lettuce mixes, iceberg lettuce farmers created the iceberg baby by harvesting iceberg lettuce at a younger age. 

Appearance & Flavor
As far as appearances go, imagine an iceberg lettuce head, but about the size of a softball. The thick leaves are tightly bound together. The outer leaves are green, and the inner leaves range from a pale yellow to an opaque white. Since they have more water than most greens, they are crunchy and moist. Here's the check list you'll want to keep in mind when picking them out: fresh outer leaves, compact inner leaves, and no wilting or discoloration.

Ways to Enjoy
If you're a ceviche fan, take a look at this recipe-perfect for a light lunch or an appetizer. Being ideal for the wedge salad is their claim to fame, but just like regular iceberg lettuce, iceberg babies are perfect for many other salad blends. Try them as lettuce wraps or as a cup for other ingredients.

Availability & Origin
You can get these babies year-round. From November to March, they grow in Arizona and from April to October, California produces them.

Whole heads can last about five days in the fridge in a plastic bag. After being cut, they will last almost a week in an air-tight bag or container.

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