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Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers

Aug 15, 2018

The color of bell peppers vary, but let's take a closer look at the orange and yellow varieties.

Appearance & Flavor 
Orange and yellow bells have insides to match their outsides. The exterior should be glossy and smooth. Did you know glossiness indicates ripeness? Inside, you'll find bitter edible seeds and a spongy core. Since we get our bell peppers from different locations during different seasons, the flavor changes slightly. In summer and winter, you'll find they are mild and sweet. During spring and fall, they're still mild and sweet, yet a tad peppery. Choose bells that are deep in color with no bruises, scars, or soft spots. They should give a little to light pressure and should feel heavy for their size.

Ways to Enjoy
Need a hearty breakfast? Start your day with one of these. For those of you who aren't morning people, here's a treat for dinner time. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with raw, cooked, roasted, pickled, pureed, or stuffed bell peppers.

Availability & Origin
These bells are available year-round. During the summer, they come from California. For the spring and fall, they are flown in from Holland. And in wintertime, Mexico is the main producer.

If they're ripe, get them in fridge as soon as possible. They need to stay hydrated, so storing them whole in the crisper drawer with a wet cloth near them will buy you a week to ten days. If your peppers aren't ripe yet, you can store them at about 70 degrees and they will ripen-but be patient! The process can take up to two weeks. After cooking them, place your leftovers in an air-tight container for about three days in your fridge.

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