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Elephant Garlic

Sep 19, 2018

Attention garlic lovers! Did you know that elephant garlic is the largest in the garlic family and is also close to the leek family? They can weigh up to a pound and contain five cloves on average.

Appearance & Flavor 
They've got thin skin, and their color can range from white to yellow. The cloves have a tint of yellow. Their taste is more mild and sweet than your typical garlic. Even though it is garlic, it's flavor is said to have only a hint of garlic, but mostly taste like part onion and part leek.

Ways to Enjoy 
Are you sick of the same old potato chip? You can make these crisps yourself instead. Raw or cooked, they taste great-or try them roasted, baked, or grilled in salad, pasta, or in a dip or spread.

Availability & Origin 
We get elephant garlic from California 90 percent of the time while the other 10 percent it comes from Argentina, China (their country of origin), and Mexico. That's right-they're yours all year long.

When whole and unpeeled, store your elephant garlic in a cool, dry, dark place for up to a few months. After peeling or chopping them, you can store the pieces in the fridge in an air-tight container, yet you will want to use them within a day or so to avoid them losing flavor.

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