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Ambrosia Apples

Oct 12, 2018

Ambrosia apples are 'the food of the Gods' since their name comes from Greek mythology. Assumed as a cross between a golden delicious and a starking delicious, these apples, as you may have guessed, are said to have a 'heavenly' taste.

Appearance & Flavor
And what we mean by 'heavenly' is tender, juicy, and crisp flesh with a sweet, honey-like overtone. The flesh of these medium to large-sized apples can range from pale to a cream yellow, but their smooth and shiny skin is generally golden yellow with pink and red blushing. When selecting, choose apples that are solid and heavy for their size and avoid the ones with soft or dark spots.

Ways to Enjoy
It's baking season! And we're craving desserts like this one. Ambrosias are perfect for salads, sandwiches, pies, tarts, doughnuts, muffins, soups, and rice, or just on their own. Talk about a versatile fruit. 

Availability & Origin
Ambrosias grow between October and February from Canada, their native country. Then we get them from Chile and New Zealand from May to Mid-August.

Place unwashed apples in the crisper drawer, or if you don't have one, placing them in an uncovered bowl in the back of the fridge-aka the coldest spot-will do just fine. They will last a few months. When stored at room temperature on the counter, you'll get about three days or so of use.

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