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Princess Grapes

Dec 06, 2018

This regal grape did not actually start off as royalty... The princess grape was given that name after a copyright issue with its original name.

Appearance & Flavor
These smooth, shiny, light green grapes grow from medium to large in size. Their seedless flesh is an even lighter green. Princess grapes have a good crunch to them and produce a sweet tart flavor. The best grapes stay attached to their stem and are free of mold, shriveling, and discoloration.

Ways to Enjoy
It's almost Halloween! How about a mini spin on the traditional caramel apple; caramel grapes. Though they are most popular in their raw form, they can be used in green salads and fruit salads, plus smoothies, relishes, and compotes. Or try freezing them and tossing a few in your drink like ice cubes.

Availability & Origin
The princess grape season seems to go by in the blink of an eye. From July to November, they're found growing in California. In fact, California's San Joaquin Valley produces 99 percent of the grapes consumed in the US.

Princess grapes can be very sensitive. Remember these few things to keep them in the best condition:

- Put them in the fridge as soon as possible

- Leave them in their original bag or container-it's the best ventilated to protect them.

- Place in the back of the fridge (the coldest part).

- Keep separate from foods with strong odor. They can absorb the smell.

- They bruise easily so make sure to not place anything on top of them.

- Do not wash the grapes until you are ready to use them. Water starts the breakdown process.

They will last about 10 days in the fridge. If you have cut or peeled them, you can store in an air-tight container or bag for about two days of use. When properly frozen, they can last up to two months.

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