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Jan 30, 2019

Clementines have reached a level of popularity over others in the mandarin orange family for being fairly new on the scene. They became commercially available in the 1990s.

Appearance & Flavor
Clementines are small, round, smooth, and wrapped in a deep orange rind. Just like a regular orange, only smaller. They have essential oils and release a strong citrus smell when punctured or zested. They peel easily and have a sweet flavor, which is why they are hit with the kiddos and plenty of adults too. 

Ways to Enjoy
We're swooning over these cute cookies-they're perfect for your holiday gathering. 
Most popularly, people eat them just as they are. But they make a great addition to desserts, salads, cocktails, and vinaigrettes. Try garnishing or zesting a dish with a clementine peel.

Availability & Origin
This mandarin variety is available from November and into January. They mainly grow in California. 

You can leave them out on the counter for about two days but avoid direct sunlight. If they come in a mesh bag, then keep them in the bag and keep them in the crisper drawer. They'll last a couple weeks but keep an eye on them and trash the ones that get soft since they'll spoil the rest. After two weeks, you should discard them because they're considered old at that point. A side note: don't place in an air-tight container or plastic bag (unless they're peeled) since it will speed up the decay process.

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