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MIni Sweet Peppers

Feb 19, 2019

Mini sweet peppers are like a small hybrid of bell and hot peppers-more sweet than hot, though more like hot peppers in texture. 

Appearance & Flavor
Colored like bell peppers yet smaller in size. They have seeds in small amounts and their skin is thinner than their larger counterpart. When picking them out, choose firm, bright-colored ones that have a sheen to them.

Ways to Enjoy
Many people enjoy mini sweet peppers raw after removing the seeds. You can use these in any recipe that calls for bell peppers. If you're going low carb/keto or not in the mood for anything spicy? Similar to jalapeno poppers, try making these sweet pepper poppers

Availability & Origin
Mini sweet peppers are available year-round. Mexico is the largest commercial grower, but they are also grown in Baja, California, and Florida.

You'll more than likely see them sold in their own bag, so you can keep them in it and in the fridge for up to 10 days. After being cut, you'll need to put them in an air-tight container and will last up to two days.

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