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Snow Peas

Mar 21, 2019

You might guess that the snow pea is a vegetable like others in its variety, but botanically speaking, they come from flowers which makes it a fruit!

Appearance & Flavor
Both the wide, flat pods and the small peas are crisp, pale green, edible, and resemble the flavor of a sweet pea. Chose bright ones with flat pods and small seeds, making sure to avoid those that are pale, discolored, and flimsy. 

Ways to Enjoy
Bring on the garlic! Try this snow pea stir-fry. Enjoy these snow peas raw in a salad or alone as a snack. They are popular in Chinese dishes such as stir-fries, rice dishes, and noodles. They also make a great addition to curries and soups. Their high sugar content causes them to brown faster when cooked than other peas.

Availability & Origin
With a name like "snow" you'd think these peas would be a winter crop, but in fact, they peak from spring to early summer. Another warm factor for the snow pea is its origins in the Mediterranean, and that many are produced in Guatemala. Almost all 50 states grow the peas and they are available all year long.

Their shelf life is short, so store them unwashed in a plastic bag in the vegetable crisper drawer and they will last up to a week.

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