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Curly Kale

Jun 25, 2019

This particular kale is one of the most common varieties and-surprise-it's one of the oldest forms of cabbage.

Appearance & Flavor
Pale green stems hold green curled leaves. The stems are tough and should be discarded, however, the leaves are crunchy and moist. The leaves taste earthy with nutty undertones that become even more pronounced as you cook it. Chose kale with plump, crisp leaves and avoid those with limp, yellow leaves or a strong odor.

Ways to Enjoy
When young, this kale is better for salads, but as it matures it becomes more fibrous. Steam it, sauté it, bake it, juice it, and use it in soups. However, if you are feeling a healthy snack, try frying them to make kale chips.

Availability & Origin
Though it peaks in winter, curly kale grows year-round in the US, California being the largest producer followed by Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas. This vegetable is native to the Mediterranean.

Whole and unwashed, wrap them in paper towel in an air-tight plastic bag and store them in the fridge's crisper drawer for up to five days. After washing and prepping, make sure they are well dried and use the same storage technique already mentioned, however, they will last a few days less.

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