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Strict Standards

As strident advocates for a safe American food supply, we've implemented one of the most comprehensive and accountable food safety systems in the industry.

The cornerstone of our program is the use of an outside entity (we use the well-respected firm Scientific Certification Systems) which audits and verifies our producers using accepted and published criteria such as the FDA Minimizing Microbiological Hazards in Produce, Western Growers Association GAP Guidelines, and United Fresh Produce Leafy Vegetable Guidance.

This scientifically controlled program verifies:

  • Land and Growing Practices
    • Safe Water
    • Land History
    • Surrounding Practices
    • Soil Augmentation practices
    • Crop Protection Practices
  • Harvest Crew Management
  • Cold Storage & Packing Shed Management

Scientific Certification Systems runs audit reports on all of our suppliers. All of the audit reports are reviewed against established baseline criteria. Any deviations from the baselines are identified and targeted corrective actions are implemented. We then conduct follow-up audits to ensure that corrective actions are continuing to be made. All of this information is stored in an active data base which allows us to monitor and track performance and trends.

Additional verification of our program is through routine and continuous monitoring by FDA, USDA, state departments of agriculture, health departments, third party auditors, customers, and through internal inspections.

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