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Consistent and Reliable

Amerifresh is a leading produce marketer in America providing fresh fruit and vegetables to the retail grocery and foodservice industries. The company is known for marketing the famous Snoboy® brand and working with growers in the top producing regions of North America, Mexico, Chile and New Zealand.

The Amerifresh name has been synonymous with availability, consistency and quality for the past century. That’s why our customers choose Amerifresh as their primary produce provider and depend on us for the continued success of their operations. It is our commitment and dedication to value, trust and reliability that our customers have come to count on.

We provide fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality not only to foodservice customers, but also to the highly demanding retail grocery industry. Consistent supply is a top issue in our business because of disruption to supply from variables such as inclement weather, water shortages, pest infestations and import irregularities. Quality and consistency has a direct bearing on the reputation and repeat business of our customers. Amerifresh is built in such a way that we can offer a reliable and consistent supply of produce that does not sacrifice quality and is not vulnerable to seasonal scarcities.

At Amerifresh, this level of consistency and reliability rests on the shoulders of our Quality Assurance inspectors. In the field every day, they examine what is available locally, nationally and internationally to suit your needs. Leveraging their experience and relationships with our grower sources, they serve as your representative in the field bringing you the produce upon which you can rely. If it does not meet your specifications and standards, then it does not pass our Quality Assurance inspection.

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